October 4, 2013

Eye Sleep Over, Toll Bridge Road, Eyemouth, Berwickshire, TD14 5GN - CALL: 01890 750913


Eye Sleep Over is situated in the Scottish fishing town of Eyemouth, the largest town in Berwickshire. Eyemouth has been a fishing town since the 13th century and is still a busy harbour today with fishing, diving and leisure craft. Eyemouth boasts an excellent golf club with its famous 6th hole, one of Scoltands most extraordinary golf holes.

Also in Eyemouth over looking the harbour is Gungreen House an 18th century merchants villa, built by James Adam and was at one time the centre of the tea smuggling trade in Scotland. Just outside Eyemouth you’ll find a whole host of activites such as Coldingham sands, the best beach in the area and the fishing town of St Abbs, one of the best dive spots in Britain.

Eyemouth also has a range of indoor activities such as the Eyemouth Leisure Centre, Eyemouth Amusements and the Eyemouth Maritime Museum situated at the harbor.