October 4, 2013

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The Scottish Borders is justifiably popular with golfers. It has 21 golf courses to choose from, but only one coastal course: Eyemouth. This is Scotland’s most southerly golf course, just an hour’s drive from Edinburgh and Newcastle. It features some of the best clifftop holes in Scotland, including its par 3 sixth hole voted ‘Britain’s Most Extraordinary Golf Hole’. Not recommended for players with a fear of heights, this hole is played over a rocky inlet with the North Sea crashing below.

As well as enjoying the Eyemouth course itself, golfing visitors are well placed to try out their skills on other courses too. Go further inland – taking advantage of the savings offered by the Scottish Borders Freedom of the Fairways golf passport – or take the A1 north to East Lothian and south to Northumberland. A wide choice of very different courses can be found in less than an hour’s drive.

So when you travel to play Golf in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Eyemouth and the Scottish Borders, Eye Sleep Over offers you a cost effective and comfortable alternative to bed and breakfast, caravan or lodge accommodation.